terça-feira, dezembro 26, 2006

Noite de Natal / Heilig Abend

bacalhau cozido com legumes / gekochter stockfisch mit gemüse

bacalhau com natas / stockfischauflauf mit sahne und pommes

pudim de ovos / eierpudding

arroz doce / milchreis nach portugiesischer art

Isto foi o nosso manjar na noite de natal. Para mim teve que ser uma coisa extra, ou seja o bacalhau com natas, pois nao gosto mesmo nada do bacalhau cozido.

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Anónimo disse...

eu em vez de comer estes doces todos comia-te era a ti ehehehehee

Anónimo disse...

Hi Nysa,
I was reading your comment you have posted in one of the foodblogs on the Internet, Delicious days, about the Pasteis de Nata or Portuguese egg tart. In such comment you mentioned that you had the recipe from your mom which there were 2 ways of making the tarts. I am originally from Macau where they can find the very yummy egg tarts everywhere. However, I have immigrated to Canada 4 years ago and been missing the taste of them. In here, only I can find nothing but only chinese egg tarts which are quite different from Portuguese ones. So I would like to make them myself. After googling for a couple of months, I still could not find the perfect recipe that turned out just to taste similar to what I had Macau. So could you kindly share your mom's recipe with me? If so, I would like both recipes made from starch and cream. My email address is jeabdome@hotmail.com. Thank you very much and I wish I could understand Portuguese one day so i could enjoy your blog too.

Nysa disse...

olá janice,
vou tentar encontrar as duas receitas da minha mae e dps envio-te. beijo

Micas disse...

Será que me podes arranjar a receita do pudim de ovos? desde já agradeço.